Kabbalah evil eye

Kabbalah - Protect your self against evil eye

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Kabbalah and evil eye

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How does Kabbalah explain the evil eye and ways to protect oneself against it?

According to Kabbalah humans are provided with the same powers and abilities as God. We can create and destroy. It also works on mental level. For example, every thought we ever think or word we say leaves its mark and has a noticeable effect on the universe. That is why it can be sometimes dangerous to think or even joke about negative things.

And that is why when a bad thought is produced or a malicious word is uttered by someone, it can have an evil eye effect on others. However, Kabbalah also teaches that since good, positive emotions have their own effect, a very strong positive affirmation is capable of guarding one and can offer a good evil eye protection. Some kabbalists and rabbis can develop a very positive, well-wishing aura, so the amulets and red strings created with their help can serve as a very potent evil eye protection. Such kabbalistic charms are not always easy to find but if found they should be taken care of and used as personal protection.


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